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Still waiting

" I'm hoping someday I'll receive the compost I ordered I couldn't wait any longer for my project so I ordered some from Amazon which came in 3 days .no response to emails longest I've ever waited for a package to be delivered"

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Gardens Alive is a deadbeat

"To have something NOT shipped until I notify them that I do not have the item and for a shipment to take over 3 WEEKS (IF the delivery date is right from FedEx) is inexcusable. Gardens Alive should have shipped items overnight or at least next day delivery to make good on that fact their web page said items would ship in 5-7 days! I still do not have my items.


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An exercise in frustration

"This is the second customer review I have ever written. The first one was positive. This one will not be. My review is similar to the others posted. I was charged more than I should have been for an order I still have not received. It has been nearly thirty days. That being said, I do not recommend this company. They are not worth the time and effort. I also will note how difficult it is to post reviews on their website."

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Never sent my order?

"Ordered a pack of their beneficial nematodes in March; I was given a delivery date range of April 7th-14th. The dates passed and still no delivery instead they updated it and pushed the date back another two weeks. I emailed them to complain that I never got my package or any sort of status update. I got an email from Nicole from their support team who apologized and said they'd send another package out to me, and I should've expected it by the 4th of May. Well... given that it's May 6th and I still haven't received anything. I plan to cancel the purchase and dispute it.

Seems like this company may have been reliable in the past, but it seems like a borderline scam company now. Beware of buying from them.

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"Received "sorry out of stock" email 3 days after the shipping confirmation and two days before scheduled delivery.

Of course they charged my card even though they were out of stock. They also send tons of ads.

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"I received a catalog and decided to place an online order, since I was getting deal offers via email. I placed the order, used the coupon and expected free shipping as offered. I got discount via the coupon but not free shipping. After a few days, I noticed my order had not shipped. Called customer service and they told me my order was on back order. This was not shown on the website and my card was already charged. They proceeded to inform me would be a few weeks then up to 7 days in shipping. I ordered nematodes, a live parasite which MUST be shipped within 2 days or I will receive dead ones. Now I have to wait a few weeks to maybe get live ones or my money and time was wasted. I will not shop there again, as customer service said the website should have informed me of that. Their website is misleading. "

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"In searching for a place to write a review of Gardens Alive!, I discovered that I was far from alone in my disappointment so I feel as though this review is a tad redundant. That said, I did want to address a few things in case it should be helpful to anyone who even considering this place for any kind of purchase.

After receiving their catalog for several years, we decided to buy some WOW! for our lawn. We'd already done some research and knew that there were corn gluten alternatives out there but figured we'd try the one that appeared to be "tried and true". In hindsight, the other products (Bradfield Organics, eg) worked equally well and didn't require dealing with crazy Gardens Alive!

First, it is important to note about their website information:
a) it is regularly not updated to match their current offers\deals and their customer service reps have no idea how the "interwebz" even works much less how to solve the problem,
b) most importantly, once you add a product to the cart you will very likely not carry over any of the coupons or shipping deals that you have chosen - buyer beware and keep close track of the final cost. They're absolutely incapable or unwilling, it seems, of getting their acts together

If you're unfortunate enough to actually put an order through, check again to make sure that the amount of $$ in the email confirmation matches the final amount of the transaction. In my case, I'd received an email for "free shipping" and "buy 3, get 1 free" bags of WOW! and when I put the order through all seemed to be fine. When I checked the total amount on the confirmation, there was a mysterious shipping fee that hadn't been there before.

This should have been a sign of frustrating things to come, but I optimistically called customer service to see if they could just refund us the shipping and let us go on our way. After a confused 25 minute conversation that included key codes, explaining the problem several times and in several ways, the shipping was NOT refunded and I took that opportunity to cancel the order altogether. The customer service person admitted that they "meant" to say that the deal was either free shipping, or buy 3 get 1 free even though neither the email, nor the web page indicated that in any way at all.

A few days later, I received a request from GA to give them feedback on our buying experience (ironic, to say the least) to which I responded and explained the reasons for cancelling the order. They wrote back, asking that I please give them another chance - call them so they could give the deal to me as advertised.

I should have let sleeping dogs lie, no doubt about it, but I actually called them as they requested. Another confused and frustrating conversation later, the problem seemed to have resolved itself and I put the order through for the correct amount. AGAIN, I received an incorrect confirmation but this time I got free shipping but not the buy 3\get 1 free. This time I didn't notice until the product had shipped and I'd already been charged. Aye!

When I called, yet again, the customer service person had absolutely no idea what I was talking about - no record existed anywhere, including the still ironic fact that this second order only happened because they'd asked that I come back to them.

Bottom line? It's safe to say I was annoyed. I'd remembered to make a screen grab of the webpage that detailed the original deal and also had email communication with one of their representatives promising a refund for the difference. Several phone calls later (one to an unbelievably rude woman who worked in the billing department and was forced to admit they owed us a refund check) and several weeks later, I finally received a check from them for the $$ and the not-worth-the-pain lawn product.

So....to anyone out there who is even slightly tempted to order from this store, please avoid it at all costs.

I can promise it will not be worth it in the long run and anything you can buy from them will be available elsewhere.

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"This company provided one of the worst on-line purchasing experiences I've had, not just once but twice. Their Web site has technical problems, which can cause frustration. Their order system "looses" order information. Their customer support is marginally helpful. They did not reply to any emails, despite claiming "a response in 24 hours". The products ordered did not ship "the next day", contrary to their published statement. Their products are good, but their sales and service are poor."

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