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"On April 10 2008, I ordered a computer from Georgia Computer Workshop, I asked them to make sure that all the components I picked were compatible, they sent my request to there techs and they said the components were fine.

I have ordered from other companies on the web that put together custom computers but I have to say that I found dealing with Georgia Computer Workshop a pure pleasure. They seem to care about there customers, you are not just a number to them.

Being able to pick the motherboard, memory speed, processor, video card, etc without being limited to specific choices was great, prices are on par with other companies.

When I was deciding on the computer I had a few questions, I sent e-mails asking the questions and I actually received very informative and helpful reply. They even went so far as to make sure that the order I placed was correct and that I did not order more than I needed due to the fact that I ordered 2 windows XP CD's, other companies would not have done that. I also requested that the computer be set up a certain way which they did

The computer was shipped out on the date they said they would, delivered on schedule and was in excellent condition, extremely well packed. I especially like the fact that I got the manuals, CD's, cables & extra parts for all the products installed, if it came with a product in the computer then they send it to you.

I unpacked and it was exactly as ordered, all wiring was neatly routed in the case, everything well attached. I hooked it up and turned it on, everything worked, I was installing games on the computer 15 min after I unpacked it.

IF you are thinking of placing an order with Georgia Computer Workshop do so, I am a very satisfied customer, the people were great to work with, very responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. The product is exactly as advertised and there were no problems with hooking it up. Everything just worked.

I will be going back to them for my future purchases.

Helpful (1) Cool


"I ordered a computer to be built by Georgia Computer Workshop on 9/25/2007. I asked them to check that it was all compatible and they said it was. I then asked to have the case changed to a better one and they agreed. They were out of stock on the DVD drive I requested so they asked if they could replace it with another and better one for the same price. Of course I agreed.

I was kept informed of the progress and they completed it and shipped it on the date they said they would. There was a problem with UPS at my end and when I informed them they immediately got in touch with UPS to get that fixed.

I got the delivery and it was in excellent condition, very well packed and even the box was not dented. Surprising for UPS.

Unpacked and it was exactly as agreed. I hooked it up and turned it on. Everything worked. I use Linux so I installed my Linux distribution and everything was recognized, the cable network worked and I was in business. I liked that I got the manuals and CD's for the products installed even though I did not have Windows installed.

I am a very satisfied customer indeed. The people were great to work with, very responsive and friendly and knowledgeable. The product is exactly as advertised and there were no problems with hooking it up. Everything just worked. I will be going back to them for my next purchase for sure. Outstanding experience. What an online transaction should be.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered what I considered to be a top notch system from GA Computer Workshop, expecting the total price to be well over $2000. And it certainly would have been if I ordered from Dell or HP. To my pleasant surprise, the total was around $1300. Considering I had chosen the best components I could find, this was truly a great price. Being able to pick the motherboard, memory speed, processor, video card, etc without being limited to specific choices was great. The computer arrived on schedule about a week later, and it was exactly as ordered. The only caveat about ordering a custom computer is that you need to have at least a little knowledge about computer components. If you take the time to educate yourself, then Georgia computer Workshop is the place to go to get a REALLY great deal on a custom built computer. In the months that I've owned this computer, it has performed without a hitch. I found this company to be friendly and very helpful in choosing the right parts. The warranty was much better than anything offered by the big manufacturers. My experience with them has been excellent in every way.


Helpful Cool


"This is the second PC I have ordered from Georgia Computer Workshop. I cannot say enough about the positive experiences I have had with both orders. The staff was very helpful in answering pre-sales questions which made me feel both comfortable and confident about my PC configurations. Danny spent over an hour answering my technical questions before the sale. Then, after I received the first PC he helped me rectify a configuration problem very quickly. I previously was a die-hard Dell customer, but I can definitely say that my next PC purchase will be from GCW. Thanks to Danny & Jessica for their outstanding customer serivce!

Helpful Cool


"I spec out a nice barebones from GCW. Selection was great, prices were right. I called before the purchase and had several highly technical questions that were answered politely and professionally without hesitancy.

I decided to order. System came in a few days. Discovered a problem. The video card was rated by the manufacturer to support dual monitors but didn't. GCW's website said so, but their info was from the manuf.

I discovered the problem and emailed Danny, he immediately went to work, confirmed that my card would not support dual monitors, and found a suitable substitute card that met my needs. I shipped back the old card, and he shipped me the new one in just a couple of days. He asked me if I wanted him to test the card. I said, please do, and he did.

I am very happy with this company. Two real people to talk to, very good quality components, and very personal service. Best of all worlds. I wish Danny had a shop next door to me!


Helpful Cool


"I purchesed my system from Danny in June of last year, their service and assistance was top notch, I received my system in good time and have had no problems with it.....I purchased a PC to play and mod games on and feel I definitely got the best bang for my buck with GCW! I would have easily spent 4-6K for the same system with the more well known gaming PC vendors....my system ran 1800.00 USD Check GWC out before going with another vehdor...."

Helpful Cool


"I want to start by stating that GCWorkshop.com was indeed a pleasure to purchase from. I have had the system for about one month, and it operates flawlessly. A few years ago, I had a another company in NJ put a system together for me, and while they did a good job and the product was excellent, there are a few differences between them and GCWorkshop that puts them a good cut above:
1. Any questions that I had were immediately answered via e-mail or by phone.
2. When the techs noticed that a different (and better) CPU would interact better with the motherboard I selected, they immediately recommended it, and for the same price.
3. When there was a difference between the wireless PCI card I selected on line and what actually printed out on the order form, they changed it immediately.
4. GCWorkgroup does a 48 hour "burn-in" vice a 24 hour one.
5. All boxes, manuals, spare parts, and CD's were delivered with the system.
6. The system was shipped on time and arrived on time.
7. The system was very well packaged. In fact, it was double boxed and padded.
8. And the one thing that impresses me the most is that they stand behind their product for 3 full years.
All of the above statements make a huge difference to me as a consumer. I have been purchasing via the internet for a long time, and like anything else in life, you get terrible service, average service, and outstanding service. In my opinion, GCWorkgroup most definitely falls well within the outstanding customer service category! I have strongly recommended them to a few of my friends that are considering purchasing a computer from one of the "big box" chains, and will continue to do so. I will not hesitate for a moment to purchase my next system from them. GCWorkgroup...keep up the excellent customer service and outstanding products that you are providing !!

Robert S.

Helpful Cool


"An excellent transaction, an excellent product, an excellent merchant. Thank you!"

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"I've built many systems over the years. The worst part is having to find parts at different places - meaning you pay shipping several times over, and none of the parts are tested together. When I needed 3 new systems for my kids, I knew I would not be able to do it the same way as in the past.

Looking for shops that sell custom-built computers, I hit on puget systems - superb reputation, and the pre-sales experience was fantastic - but they seem to want to only build expensive systems. They suggested that perhaps I might find what I want elsewhere. Well, I did!

I stumbled on Georgia Computer Workshop - but you need not. Listen to this story, and I'll try to not sound like a sales ad for them (it's going to be hard to do).

I configured a few systems, sent them to GCW for eval, and they replied in email in each case, with notes regarding compatibility. I asked if they did 24-hour burn-in, and they said no, they did 48-hour burn-in (!). In this instance, the boxen were put together on Friday, so they ran the burn-in through the weekend.

I bought three systems, total over $2,500. Dual-core, 'cool' Aspire cases (it's for my kids, after all...).

GCW put them together, installed the OS, drivers for DVD-RW, etc. They included CD-ROMs for everything installed - as they know as well as we do that you sometimes have to reinstall from scratch.

There were two problems. One of the PCs locked up twice in the first 24 hours - a fact I still cannot explain. my email to Dennis got me an immediate response, though it was in the evening (and we're in the same time zone!). I downloaded some stress-testing software (RAM, Disk, CPU, etc.) and could not bring about another lockup. Dennis sent several messages asking for status as I sat on pins & needles watching the stress-testing but the PC never locked up again. It still has not.

The last problem I really must mention: As a technology consultant with nearly 20 years in the business, you'd think I'd do a bit of research before choosing "windows xp home". For whatever reason, I did not - I didn't even ask friends about it. This was my only (incredibly) poor decision, and I wish Dennis or someone had tried to tell me just how abysmally bad this "operating system" can be. I asked people *after* I found that it was so horribly broken, and of course *that's* when I learned the magnitude of my mistake. Dumb, dumb. But that's the only thing I'd have to say against GCW - and it's really an admission by me of my own mistake.

My kids need windows at present, for distance learning (this is a community school for the gifted, curriculum is computer-based) but the instant they don't need windows, these computers will be switched to Linux.

These PCs are just wonderful, I felt I made an absolutely fantastic find in GCW. I'll be buying all my PCs from them from here on out. It's not that they're the best in class, there really was no one else to rival them - I suppose I'm saying they are in a class by themselves. I can't help but think that if I'd had $6,000 instead of $2,500 I'd have gone with Puget Systems, they were that impressive, but GCW did the same and without insisting on expensive componentry!

Helpful Cool


"Honestly - this is how it went. I spent 2 weeks researching what parts I wanted to buy and finding the cheapest prices for those parts so that I could build my own PC that would revolve around a 30" monitor from Dell that supports 2560x1600 resolution. I looked at all the usuals: alienware, velocity micro, falcon, etc...then I called ibuypower. Don't even bother calling them. Their staff actually said (with a bad attitude tone of voice) "you know, all of this information is on our web site, you could just use that". They just wanted to get me off the phone. Georgia computer workshop staff were amazingly nice, which I especially appreciated after I had done all that research and had bad experiences trying to speak with other custom building companies. Not only did the friendly and knowledgeable staff answer all my questions, they even thought of questions I didn't think of. Their price was one of the best, if not the absolute best, of all the companies I previously mentioned. Not only that, but they installed my OS and all drivers free of charge! That alone saved me probably 3 - 5 hours of working time. I had my new machine built with state of the art components within 2 weeks. No delays, no problems at all. I could not be happier. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to configure my onboard 5.1 surround sound to work correctly, but that had nothing to do with them. The only super small minor detail is that the USB ports on the front of the machine's case aren't perfectly lined up. They are still useable though. I cannot recommend this company strongly enough. They did a fantastic job at a great price, with very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

D. Mark

dmarkbusinessonly AT gmail DOT com

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"After researching all components for my new system, I used the configurators at various custom builders to estimate system cost. I found GCW to be the least expensive -- as much as 20 to 30% cheaper than the competition. GCW assembled, tested, and burned-in my system in three days; shipping across the US required five days by UPS ground.

The computer arrived in perfect physical condition and ready-to-use with all software and device utiities loaded. I inspected the build and it looked very clean. I have used the system for a few days and it runs flawlessly.

A GCW representative stayed in contact with me during the entire process, keeping me updated on the order status.

I'm impressed with GCWs workmanship, customer service, and competitive pricing and I highly recommend them for building your next system.

Helpful Cool


"I'm very happy with my purchase. I found GCW while surfing the internet for companies that built SFF PCs. They helped out keeping me informed during the purchasing process, and my computer shipped when it was supposed to. I'd definitely shop from them again."

Helpful Cool


"This store is excellent. I needed a fully customizable pc where I could select all the small details. That's hard to find in general these days. Also I am a veteran of two alienware pc's over the past 6 years as well.

Several months ago I had to work with two seperate retailers in custom pc's market and none of them had good customer service. No one has provided as good of service as GC Workshop.

Several severe incidents occured one with the credit card I selected. It was my grandfathers union card I had borrowed to make the purchase. They froze the money because it was an online order. The representive called the next day and worked with my grandmother over the phone. She guided her very well and in the end the order was put through.

Also with tech support they were stellar. The first issue involved a problem I had getting my disc drives to be recongized and the second several days later I got spooked by thinking I had a wrong hd.

Both times they walked through each problem and explained to me whats wrong and how to correct it. The hd was correct and they showed me that it was Win XP causing the problem and how to fix it.

Infact when I discovered that problem I was very upset because I thought I needed to exchange the hd and reinstall everything all over again( several hours of work in my case). I wrote an email to the company on a friday night. They got back to me two hours later on a Friday night with a phone call to walk me through everything.

In the end with the next pc I need I will be sure to head to GC Workshop. The product was delivered without a hitch and everything worked fine. Not only did they provide the control I need in purchasing a custom system but because I know I am in good hands should I have any concerns or problems.

- Mike

Helpful Cool


"I spent a few days researching prices on componants that I wanted for a new system trying to get the best prices. Came accross Georgia Computer Workshop, they actually had reasonable prices. I configured the same system with a few of the chain store and Georgia Computer Workshop fell right into the consideration group. Their helpfulness attention to detail and over all impression was impressive. The machine works flawless with no issues ready to go right out of the box. They updated bios on motherboard which was released released with in this month. I will continue to buy from them as well as send my friends to them. You can trust you will recieve the product your buying. "

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"This is the most friendly on-line store I have ever encountered, a place where I can actually communicate with a real person, rather than the "computer" or "simulated" person about my need. Futhermore, the sales person actually do know the stuff very well.
I am very happy with the service and am recommending this store to my acquaintances.

Helpful Cool

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