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"I placed an order for two sofas and two livingroom arm chairs on April 15th. I received the two chairs and later one of the the sofas was delivered on May 7th as scheduled by me. When the sofa was delivered I called them to ask where the second sofa was and they said they would take care of it right away. I never received the second sofa. I contacted them via phone call and on Facebook messenger so many times since May 7th. Time after time they promised someone would call me within the next couple of days, and each time they failed to do so. I got the run around since May 7th, I was frustrated and began asking for a refund last week and was told I had to wait until they searched for the sofa. Finally today June 15th they told me they will refund the money for the sofa in 3-5 business days. No one could tell me what happened to the sofa; how do they loose a sofa they said they already had being sent to me? I kept checking the tracking number provided weeks before and they kept reporting bogus status updates. Al they did was give me pacifying answers but no real action. Very disappointing."

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WORST online vendor I have ever encountered. Crooks.

"I shop for EVERYTHING online from groceries to clothing to furnishings. This was my first order form the Gilt Group and it was a rather expensive dining room table. The first time it arrived, it was severely damaged and had to be returned (2 holes that actually went thru the table form a fork lift). The second time when it arrived, it was almost comical. It was SO FAR from the item pictured. I immediately contacted them with pictures snipped from their site and the actual photo of the table that arrived and they look nothing alike. Nothing. They will not take the table back. They will not issue a refund. They will not even acknowledge that it’s not even close to what they have advertised. I walked the photos around my office and got 12 separate opinions. Everyone said that it was not even the same table. I am not being dramatic, but this company is criminal. I should have never strayed from Wayfair or Amazon. Both have impeccable customer service when it comes to all aspects of purchases and returns. "

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Liars and Cheaters and Crooks, oh my!

"I had obtained a cash back voucher for this site. After placing the order, they have refused to honor it. I have been able to prove my case with emails, browser history, paypal statement, etc. Each query is answered with a new and different creative reason. And, my product is "non-returnable". Huge scam, stay away. "

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This is just unacceptable!

"This situation is just unacceptable.
I will never shop at Gilt anymore.
At first, I didn’t get any refund. Than I got refunded with only $677, when the receipt shows that I am supposed to be refunded with $963. Than after a week of debating and even making a excel spreadsheet, I got only $194 back, saying that that’s because of the discounts. However, if I do a simple math: Gilt charged me $1228.51(according to my bank account)subtract the items that I didn’t return to the store $261.93, I get the same $963.59. Anyway how you do the math it’s $963.
I don’t know what Gilt is doing: trying to sell things with one price and then refunding them with some imaginary discounts to earn the difference or it’s just a mistake in accounting department.
Despite all the receipts, pictures of charges from my bank account, and excel spreadsheet calculations that I provided, Gilt does not want give my money back.
I am going contact the Federal Trade Commission to file a complaint.
And include all my emails with a Gilt customer support.

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Never Buy from Gilt.com

"Never never buy from them. I've ordered Modloft bed back in November 2017, they promised to deliver it by end of December. After my multiple follow ups with them they told that the order can be delivered by the end of January. 1/19 I've received an email that the order cannot be delivered at all (they still have this product advertised on their website). Stay away from this retailer. They can cancel your order without any reason. They are not committed to customer satisfaction, very poor communication level. I wish I could read some reviews before ordering from them."

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Poor Quality, No Refund

"I purchased a Versace scarf from Gilt. After just several times of normal wear the scarf started to fall apart. Gilt refused to accept the return or refund as it was past the period I could do it. I understand that, but what I am not happy about is that Gilt sells the low quality product that falls apart. They (Gilt) should have a better quality control given how much people spend on the product they sell. It almost feels like Gilt knows that some product is bad quality and therefore keep their return/refund period so short. Disappointing!"

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Gilt does not care about customers retention

"Gilt does not value their customers even those that have been with them for years. I returned a defective item and after a month it was returned back to me. I called their customer service and they basically called me a liar stating that I took a picture of a dark brown boot instead of a black boot. I was appalled that they would make that accusation, I don’t own a pair of dark brown boots. If they inspected the item they would have seen it clearly had a scratch. They have wasted my time and caused me unnecessary frustration. They have lost a very loyal customer. Do not buy from them! As aforementioned in another review I would rather pay double than purchase from them again. Go to sites like HauteLook where they actually care about retaining their customers. "

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Fraudulent and increrdibly poor service with no resolution

"Purchased an Omega 39MM watch labeled as "vintage"
Received the watch and went to an authorized Omega Reseller who said it was 38MM
My husband initially wanted 40MM, so I figured within 1 MM it would be OK, but his immediate reaction was this was too small. We were alerted we would need to pay an additional $600 to alter the wristband so it would fit properly.

Requested a return
Was asked to provide a picture
Provided a picture immediately

After numerous follow up phone calls and emails (after being informed my issue would be handled within 24 hours), I was informed I would need to pay for an appraisal, and take pictures of the 38MM and 39Mm watch side by side to prove it wasn't 39MM as advertised

Secondly the appraisal that came with the watch showed it being 2x the price any web site sells this item for. Clearly fraudulent yet Gilt takes no responsibility for their documentation. (The appraisal is only valid for a brand new watch model, not the vintage item (used) where it is easy to pick up on numerous sites at 50% of the new cost)

Helpful Cool


Buyer Beware - Faudsters, Misleading and Deceptive

"I have worked in the retail sector for the past 15 years and for many years studied/worked in the legal industry in Australia (including consumer law). In all my years I have never seem such deception of consumers trust as I have experienced with Gilt. With the background I have I can surely appreciate the notion of mark-ups and retailers having this as their source of gross profit; however, to have such blatant and misleading practises on this point is outside the scope of what is reasonable and fair. The consumer should be able to trust that the retailer is giving them fair value for a product and not out to rip them off

I purchased a 'Kate Spade' Branded brangle for USD $89 marked down from USD $168 on the Gilt site, only to find inside the package a hangtag with a suggested retail from the original designer was USD $58.

I sent a complaint and Gilt stated they only price match with ourselves and not competitors. This provides absolutely no accountability especially on a product that they are on-selling as a middleman. They marketed it as a Kate Spade product (which it is as the hangtag in my package shows) and as such should be held accountable to the suggested retail pricing as that is FAIR VALUE of the product they are selling Further and even more concerning they should definitely not inflate the suggested retail price to over 280% (their suggested retail of USD $168) while marketing themselves as a designer discounted company

This is completely disgusting behaviour from a retailer and I hope the appropriate ombusman in whatever country Gilt is registered shuts them down!

Helpful Cool


I cannot believe this is happening/true!

"Purchased a desk for over $500 3 months ago. Yesterday the drawer fell apart. Not at a seam where it could be nailed, glued back together. The particle board literally crumbled so that the drawer face cannot be attached to the drawer. I probably have opened that drawer maybe 5 times. Contacted customer service (in Ireland), explained situation, sent pic. the original email said that I could not return it. How would I even return it? I asked them specifically how they would feel if it were them that it happened to. Said that I didn't want to return, I expected new desk, new drawer, or my money back. 2nd rep said they were sorry, nothing, cannot return!!?! I'm out all that money, will throw the desk away. How does any company stay in business when they don't back what they sell?"

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An extreme waste of time. Stay away from this online shopping site

"Something has happened to this site over the last year. I have been using Gilt for many years as a satisfied customer, but since of the merge/takeover earlier this year the website and customer service is horrendous. You will waste hours of your time and in the end not be able to place your order and customer service is horrible and can only resolve after many hours wasted. T
here are much more pleasant ways to shop. Stay away from this site.

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17 phone calls to Gilt customer service, 5 calls to their delivery company EFW and 4 calls with EFW trucking company. How frustrating is it!

"17 phone calls to Gilt customer service, 5 calls to their delivery company EFW and 4 calls with EFW trucking company. How frustrating is my experience? They don't deserve any star.

First table was delivered with damage on top, called Gilt to replace it, they couldn't figure how to do that with the manufacturer, after a few phone calls from me to ask where is the table, they finally decided it' better to do a new purchase. I asked for assembly with the new purchase since I don't want to get another damage table. But it took them 1 month they still wasn't able to authorize EFW to include assemble. Of course during the 10 calls with them, Gilt kept promise me there is assemble, but when the driver showed up, they were going to just drop the table by front door.

I insisted they have assemble, so called Gilt and EFW many times again. at the end, when the driver opened the new boxes, they came with two different shape of table tops, not legs. Oh my god! They messed up another time!!!

Helpful Cool


Great quality and variety products! $25 Off Any Order

"I started shopping from gilt in 2014. I found a lot of things I loved and ever had a problem with anything I ordered.
I bought everything from professional blow dryers to great clothes. I do spend more Money when I shop on line and find myself doing impulse buying so I try to love what I do purchase. The customer service at GILT was fantastic. Not many companies are so responsive. THANKYOU!!!
By the way, you can save $25 on your first order if you go to invite link and make a purchase using promocode GIVE25, you get $25! https://www.gilt.com/invite/1005154522arcgvnyq23

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Love the app, nice brands for cheap

"I was surprised to see so many negative reviews for gilt. I love their app and I find great deals on expensive brands like rayban, bcbg, etc. sometimes delivery does take a while but i don't mind when they have the delivery date on the page. I will say that they need to add a hint or better error message on their app for adding a credit card. I tried so many times and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't take my billing info. Turns out that the format of the exp date was wrong. I would have abandoned cart if I didn't want what I was ordering so much!"

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"Sell First" Scam

"Purchased a RedCarter one piece swimsuit on my AMEX. So glad I purchased with this card. Waited a full month and still no swimsuit. Called Customer Service and they explained it was a "sell first", whatever the heck that means. Bottom line they escalated my order so I would get my suit faster. That was sweet of them. Received the package one week later, low and behold open the package and out comes a top only, no bottoms, no one piece RedCarter suit like I ordered. Immediately called Customer "Disservice" and complained. Was told the warehouse had the wrong order number. The packing slip clearly said one piece---guess they thought no one would notice if I went naked on the bottom. They can't send a replacement b/c don't have the suit anymore after 5 weeks of waiting. Listen to the reviews and double digit negative ratings. Must really **** to work in Customer Disservice and for that matter at Gilt.

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