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Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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Great Return and Customer Service!

"Sadly the Douglas bed wasn't the mattress for me (I'm over 200 lb side sleeper and I found it wasn't soft enough). However, I would still highly recommend as a great company to deal with, I've never had such a pleasant online purchase and return experience. Purchase and delivery was fast, smooth and easy and the return was equally well organised. With a couple of emails and some fantastic service from the Douglas Support team, a local charity was found and the mattress was collected within a couple of days. Great to know that the mattress didn't have to be recycled! Money was refunded very fast too. Thanks Douglas Support for the fast, attentive, polite and pleasant handling of this return. Great team!"

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Douglas mattress is amazing!

"The Douglas mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had. Going to bed is a dream! The mattress is firm, fully supportive, and I can sleep comfortably on my side, stomach, and back. My partner had a lot of back pain from sleeping on our old mattress, and after using the Douglas, all his back pain is gone. The delivery was very fast, and opening up the mattress could not have been easier. If you're looking for an extremely comfortable, firm, Canadian -made bed, I would highly recommend the Douglas mattress."

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Douglas Mattress is the best!

" From the first night I slept on my Douglas mattress, I have had the best sleep ever! Prior to owning my Douglas mattress, I had purchased a very expensive mattress set worth well over $5000 and never could get a good night sleep. My back was always sore. But not so with the Douglas mattress, I cannot say enough good things about my Douglas. We had an extreme heat wave this summer and my mattress never felt hot despite temperatures soaring at night to 31°. Despite the fact that I live with chronic pain, I must say that my Douglas mattress is the most comfortable I have ever owned. The best recommendation I can give the Douglas mattress is the fact that I look forward to buying other mattresses for other rooms in my house. Try it you will not regret it !!!"

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Best sleep ever

"After having our previous bed for a number of years. It was time for a replacement.

After researching and trying a number of beds. We determined that we would like a memory foam mattress. The biggest thing that deterred that was the prices. Why does a piece of foam cost $3000+?

We found after searching online for an alternative, Novosbed. And what made it even more appealing was that the company was based near by. After researching the feedback of owners and the reviews we decided that this was the mattress for us. We had nothing to lose with the 120 night trial.

Shortly after making our decision. Douglas was launched as a single firmness option. The cost was even more appealing. I mean the materials were still very top quality and had the same trial and warranties as the higher end Novosbed mattress. After speaking with a rep we were sold.

A few days after ordering the mattress arrived and was set up within 10 mins of coming through the door.

That first night was great! It took a little to get used to but woke up feeling like we had just had the best sleep ever. Now a little more than a month later we both agree we could never go back to a regular mattress ever again. Its just that good!

After sleeping in all kinds of beds over the years from high end pillow tops, to Sleep numbers. By far the best nights sleep I have had is with my Douglas. We will be most definitely buy another when the time comes to replace this one.

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Terrific service and mattress!

"Thank you Novosbed! Terrific service and I adore my mattress!"

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Best Bed Ever

"See you later Sleep country! I bought a pocket coil mattress 7 years ago and didn't last. I'm not old or out of shape but felt that way each time I got out of bed from that mattress. I was skeptical buying a mattress on line and having no idea what I was getting myself into. So the mattress came and we put it on the frame. It was a way better fit in the frame. So we got on the bed and I was skeptical of the firmness. It was weird not to have "spring" when getting in. Nevertheless, I slept. I got used to the lack of spring and I have zero aches and pain and the motion control is fantastic. I just love it. I love the fact that they would take it back if need be but I'm sure glad I didn't have to return it. So glad I bought this. "

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Best sleep of my life

"I have not experienced a service so convenient and comfortable in a long time. I was septical but am now reassured that getting a foam mattress was critical to me improving my sleep. The shipping, unboxing, set up, and use was so simple that I am still baffled at how I haven't thought of using Novosbed before. 5/5 "

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Awesome Bed

"I purchased my Novosbed firm queen mattress and boxspring in Oct. 2017. The Novosbed website is very informative and has a nice layout. The ordering process was very simple. I even emailed a question to Customer Service about suitable bases and I received a friendly and helpful response very quickly. Shipping and Delivery of my bed and boxspring was quick (approx 1 week). I had my bed and boxspring unwrapped and assembled in about 1 hour. Sleeping on my bed has been great. No complaints at all. The bed is so comfortable and I am so happy with my purchase. I was shopping around for a mattress and was looking at Tempurpedic before finding Novosbed. Novosbed is sincerely just as comfortable for "

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Perfect value

"We had a tempurpedic before and it cost 5x what the novos cost. We chose the firm option and it’s really comfy and supportive. We wanted a white glove delivery, but there weren’t any third party delivery agents available. The customer service was great - novosbed returned the delivery fees and shipped the bed and platform to us. They talked my husband through installation as well. We are really happy with our purchase. "

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A big upgrade!

"**Reposting my own review from Douglas' website, explanation below.

Unfortunately, I can't compare this mattress to other options out there. This may be seen as a bad thing since I have essentially no sample size, but I think it's a great thing. I don't feel the need to even try another mattress. It's a huge upgrade from my previous bed. I was sleeping on a decade+ old, full/double spring mattress. I decided to go all out and went straight to a California king. I have no regrets. The size is incredible! I can lay like a starfish and none of my limbs hang off! The firmness was a worry before purchasing, but it took me no adjustment period to get used to this mattress. I immediately felt like I slept better. It's more firm than I was expecting to be honest, but has softened over weeks since getting it and I feel like it's just right. I'm a stomach sleeper, so sinking in too much would have been a bad thing. I was also worried about getting too hot as I read that foam can retain heat more than spring mattresses, but I don't ever feel too hot. The price was certainly right as well. Since Douglas doesn't sell a base of any kind, and since it can be difficult to find a California king sized bed frame, I paired their mattress with a Casper frame and foundation. Everything seems to work perfectly together. Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase. If you've read this far and still want an outright yes or no answer to "should I buy it?"... all I have to say is TREAT YO SELF.

(**I originally posted this review to They called thanking me for the review and asked if I would be willing to share it on this site as well. I said absolutely! I'm still very pleased with the product, and very impressed with their customer service. I don't think I've ever received a call from a real, friendly person after buying/reviewing a product before. Thanks again Douglas/Novosbed!)

I forgot to mention shipping time in my original review. I ordered the bed on December 18th and it arrived on December 21st. I order a lot of things online, and I must say that it was incredible how soon it arrived. Making this even more incredible was how soon before Christmas it was. Amazon wasn't even able to get me small packages in the time it took for a California king sized mattress to arrive!

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Shoulder Pain is NO LONGER an issue.

"This bed was easy to assemble, arrived sooner than expected, and is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. My husband's chronic shoulder pain is no longer an issue since we made the decision to get a Novosbed! I highly recommend this bed to anyone and everyone. "

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Easy to set up and quick delivery

"Our daughter ordered us a Novosbed Queen Medium as a gift. Delivery was quick to Florida once it shipped and went without a hitch. The mattress unboxed easily and everyone who has visited us has tried it and loved it! "

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Novosbed is the only place to go if you buy a memory foam mattress online

"Trying to decide on a memory foam mattress, and it's driven you crazy? Here's why, after months of agonizing over all of the options, Novosbed is the best: 1. It's less expensive than the gold standard Tempurpedic, but with the same firmness level as their queen cloud luxe if you choose the softest mattress. 2. Better than the Tempurpedic, it has air channels to diffuse the overheating that some people complain about. 3. Those channels aren't so big. There's a "purple " mattress, that you have to buy jersey sheets because of the hole sizes - who wants to buy new bedding? 4. Unlike ALL the competition, they are able to send an additional layer to adjust the firmness, so if you're not happy with the initial selection, you've got the peace of mind knowing it can be adjusted- it doesn't mean a return. 5. The removable cover is great, and is easy to remove and put on. 6. Now that I have the mattress, my muscles automatically relax as I gently sink down and into it, like a Pavlovian response. 7. Get the white glove delivery. It may be heavenly to sleep on , but it's no feather, and the base, if you order it, requires assembly. 8. The team at Novosbed bed thought of everything when it cane to the anxieties of buying a mattress online. There may be other mattresses that are comparable, but when you look at all of the reasons why Novosbed is the best to buy, you'll see they're the total package. Fears allayed. A great night's sleep to look forward to, options to adjust things if what you originally ordered isn't the right firmness. You can't find this anywhere else."

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Novosbed Mattress Customer Service

"I purchased a Novos Mattress in October of 2016. The first several months the mattress slept well, but as time went on I felt it needed to be a little softer. I contacted the company to get the complementary topper that was offered to soften the mattress. Talking with the representative she stated that my trial period had ended and that I would have to purchase the topper. My trial ended on February 4 and I called them on May 9. My trial had ended 3 months earlier, it not like it had been 3 years. I guess once the mattress is paid for and trial is over they could care less about your satisfaction."

Helpful (1) Cool's Avatar from has responded
Posted May-16-2017

“Hi gthchvy,

Sorry to hear of your frustration. You are correct that Comfort+ is available for free within our trial. We allow for 120 days for your body to adjust, the mattress to settle in, and for the decision to be made if Comfort+ is wanted (90% of requests are made between days 30 and 60). We are more than happy to provide it outside of trial to customers with the current models, but there is an associated cost to the kit. There are many factors that will contribute to changes in how your bed feels to you (weight fluctuations, activity levels, stress, etc) and these factors are sadly beyond what we can predict or accommodate for outside of our trial. With that being said, we are more than happy to help with the order of Comfort+ should you wish to purchase it.

Kindest regards,

Customer Care Team


A life changer. A great decision. An excellent mattress.

"I am a side/back sleep and my partner is a stomach sleeper. I was advised by Novosbed customer service that a medium firmness Novosbed would be the best for the position variations. In the first week, we found the medium to be a little firmer than expected. After speaking with customer service again, they advised me that the mattress can take up to 30 days to break-in. Getting used to a memory foam mattresses after sleeping on spring mattresses for so long would also take some getting used to. The Novosbed definitely softened up from week two to week four. It was almost perfect by day 30, so we decided to order the softening Comfort+ option. WHAT A DIFFERENCE this makes, the bed is PERFECT now. The Novosbed is definitely a higher quality mattress than other bed-in-a-box mattress brands we have tried. The customer service team at Novosbed are very approachable, helpful and accommodating and any questions I had were fully answered. The Comfort+ option Novosbed advertise also helped alleviate any worries we had with firmness. I now have the perfect mattress and I sleep better than ever."

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