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I came across this website while I was signing in to my AOL account and the usual AOL pop up advertisements came up. One of them featured this company called I do not know what made me click on it. Once I was on their site, I was amazed by their low prices. First I hesitated from ordering but the fact that AOL was advertising I felt that there would be some type of legitimacy. I went ahead and ordered 3 Ipod videos on 11/17/05. My credit card was billed right away but weeks went by and no Ipods were received. I tried e-mailing and calling their customer service department on several occasions around 12/26/05-12/29/05. I would be on hold for half-hour each time with no reps ever picking up the phone. One male rep picked up the phone once and as soon as I heard my voice he placed me back on hold as if he wasn't supposed to pick up the phone in the first place. My patience wore thin so I proceeded and filed a complaint with Rhode Island's BBB. On 12/29/05, a female rep from MixItForMe contacted me and informed me that she had received one of my e-mails. What she meant to really say is that she received the BBB's notification of complaint. Anyways, I told her to cancel my order and issue me a refund. She seemed shocked. She told me that their normal shipping time is 6-8 weeks and that we were on week 6 and that she could still get my Ipods by week 8. The only thing is that she wasn't sure she could get them in black as ordered but white definitely. I asked her what has her company done for me to fulfill my order in the last 6 weeks besides charging my Credit Card? NOTHING!! And she has the nerve to tell me I'll have them by week 8 in white? I do not think so. I wasn't born yesterday. What this company is doing is selling products that they do NOT have in stock. They charge your credit card right away and use YOUR money along with OTHER people's money to try to find the best deals on pallets of merchandise from closeouts, overstocks etc. Meanwhile, you wait. Chances are you will wait more than 8 weeks. When you e-mail them concerning your order status, they will never respond. Their customer service e-mail will bounce back to you. I informed her I wanted her to cancel my order and refund me my money. She told me that it will take 10-14 days and I would have to fill out a form to apply for the refund. In other words, these guys will do anything to hold onto your money as much as possible. The rep was nice enough to send me the refund application form within 5 minutes after hanging up the phone. I filled it out and sent it back to them within 5 minutes. Well, 14 days went by as the female rep stated and guess what? Still NO refund!! I sent some follow up e-mails to find out the status and only one of my e-mails was replied stating they were processing as fast as they can. Now I will have to contact my credit card company and dispute the charge. I will also look into taking further legal actions against this company. They are a JOKE! If you want to deal with a similar experience go ahead and order from them. Otherwise, stay FAR FAR AWAY!!!

VIP Camera


I tried to purchase a digital camera from this merchant. Merchant claims on his website that all items are brand new factory fresh. After I placed an order, merchant left me a message to call him for order verification. After trying to get through for half hour, he finally answered the phone. After verifying my order he tried to sell me an extended life battery stating that the only batteries that come with the camera last 20 minutes. After I declined to buy any he got very rude. He requested I buy a 1 - 3 year warranty. I asked him how long was the manufacturer's warranty. He stated that there is none and that he would not be shipping the camera out if I did not buy a warranty. I told him to go ahead and cancel my order. He got very rude and defensive. He used profanity and hung up the phone on me. He did sent me an e-mail stating my order had been canceled later. Buyers please beware of this scam!!!!!! They use low prices to lure you in and then expect you to buy load of extra stuff. I did buy the same camera from a different merchant later on. Upon receiving it, I found out that it does come with a rechargable lithium-ion battery (charger included ofcourse) and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. What does that tell you about VIPCamera?

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